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A dog friendly tale and I hope this helps you choose the right place to stay with your pets. I myself am a dog owner, who as a Rottweiler dog, these dogs get such bad press; he really is a big softy. I did try and book a cottage in UK, and several times I was point blankly turned down due to the breed. Also my friend was bringing a small dog a fox terrier who thinks he is a Rottweiler, not a softy at all.

Again I got turned down no one would accept two dogs, unless we paid quite a lot of money extra for them. To add to this lots of strict rules and regulations for what we could do and what we could not do, not a nice warm welcome. I did find a nice place in the end thankfully, after searching for a week.

My friendly tale is any dog is more than welcome in my properties whatever the breed and size...and I do accept more than one dog.

And most importantly I DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR THEM. They go free of charge, because I believe that dogs really do need a holiday too, one that will not cause the owner too much stress and worry about what they can and cannot do. That way everyone is happy. Hence the five star award I received from a national major dog magazine YOUR DOG. I first was awarded this in 2009 and they came to visit again and got a new award for 2013/4 best pet friendly place to stay in Whitby.

All we ask is that they bring with them responsible dog owners who will clean up after them and walk them lots on the beach.

We do take a pet deposit of £25 but this gets fully refunded back to you minus £1 admin charge for postage, if all is left clean and no damage caused.

Direct Whitby has been featured in the "Where to Stay" supplement of the May 2009 edition of "Your Dog Magazine". An article titled "Cottage featured in the 'Woof Guide to Britain'" also appeared in the Whitby Gazette during April 2009.

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